About us

We supply lasers for coding and marking all types of products and packaging. In addition, we also sell highly advanced control & inspection equipment.

What does that mean? Almost all products and packaging are delivered with extra information on it from the factory. Like a best-before date, production data or barcode. With our laser machines, this can be marked super fast on glass, foil, plastic, metal or cardboard. Each product receives a unique identification and you can always see where and when it was produced or packaged.

We also supply control & inspection equipment to accurately scan and reject products if something is not right. For example, if there is metal in it, the weight is incorrect or the numbers are incorrect.


Why do you choose Mundi Technology?

In addition to the high quality of our solutions, you will be amazed by our service. We can truly say that we are unique and go above and beyond to help you.

  • Market leader in laser coding in the BeNeLux
  • System solutions for every budget and every industry
  • High-quality equipment from reliable suppliers
  • Expert employees with extensive knowledge and experience
  • Available 24/7 without a maintenance contract

History of Mundi Technology

Mundi Technology was founded in 1998 by Wilgerd de Ruiter. At that time the company consisted of three people, including Erik de Jong who is now co-owner. Right from the start, the company specialized in laser coding, checkweighing, metal detection and X-ray inspection. At that time fairly new techniques and there was a lot of interest in these modern machines. In the first year, a large laser order was scored at a large beer brewer. As many as 25 lasers were integrated in production lines spread over several locations. That start gave the company wings and that resulted in a loyal group of customers who still work closely with Mundi Technology today.

How can we improve your production line?

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