Unfortunately, producers of personal care products and cosmetics often have to deal with counterfeits. Laser coding not only adds to the luxurious appearance of cosmetics, but also helps protect your brand.

Cosmetic packages are little works of art. Extremely detailed and beautifully packaged to stand out on any shelf. Product safety is essential with cosmetics! The smallest remnants of metal, glass or plastic are detected by our systems and ejected. Only fully inspected and approved products leave your production line.


Productgroepen voor sector Cosmetics

Laser Coding

  • Zero consumables
  • Full touch-screen control
  • Static marking capability
  • Low maintenance


  • Accuracy up to 0.005 grams
  • Water resistant up to class IP69K
  • Efficient filling with e-weighing
  • Avoid unnecessary give-away

Metal Detection

  • High-detection sensitivity
  • Simple integration
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Wash-down construction

X-ray Inspection

  • Complete product safety
  • HD-TDI detection technology
  • HACCP, BRC and IFS conformity
  • Modular construction

Preforms Quality

  • Packaging quality inspection
  • High resolution vision
  • Full control and inspection
  • Discover production errors

Fill Level Control

  • Detect fill levels
  • Avoid under or overfill
  • Improve product quality
  • Fully configurable

Cap Inspection

  • 100% cap or lid inspection
  • 1, 2 or 4 smart cameras
  • Prevent production errors
  • 360° vision technology

Leak Detection

  • Inspection of MAP packaging
  • Modern infrared technology
  • Contactless detection
  • Special machines for bottles

Label Inspection

  • Advanced camera technology
  • Extensive inspection possible
  • Suitable for all labels
  • Fully configurable

Code Inspection

  • 100% verification code quality
  • Smart sensors and vision
  • Inspection and validation
  • Check all sorts of coding

Linx CSL30 laser coding onto boxes of cosmetics

Laser coding is ideal for quality print for premium products. The laser code is permanent and so supports anti-counterfeiting.

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