Certainly in the case of medicines, legislation has a major influence on the coding of products and packaging. Everything must be traceable in pharmacy and serialization guarantees 100% authenticity. Our lasers mark tablets, capsules, labels, boxes, jars, lids, blisters and even surgical instruments.

Your pharmaceutical products are safely checked with the control & inspection systems of Wipotec-OCS. The reliable and accurate checkweighers, metal detectors and X-ray systems eliminate all inaccuracies. Especially in pharmacy this is of crucial importance.


Productgroepen voor sector Pharma

Laser Coding

  • Zero consumables
  • Full touch-screen control
  • Static marking capability
  • Low maintenance


  • Accuracy up to 0.005 grams
  • Water resistant up to class IP69K
  • Efficient filling with e-weighing
  • Avoid unnecessary give-away

Metal Detection

  • High-detection sensitivity
  • Simple integration
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Wash-down construction

X-ray Inspection

  • Complete product safety
  • HD-TDI detection technology
  • HACCP, BRC and IFS conformity
  • Modular construction

Preforms Quality

  • Packaging quality inspection
  • High resolution vision
  • Full control and inspection
  • Discover production errors

Fill Level Control

  • Detect fill levels
  • Avoid under or overfill
  • Improve product quality
  • Fully configurable

Cap Inspection

  • 100% cap or lid inspection
  • 1, 2 or 4 smart cameras
  • Prevent production errors
  • 360° vision technology

Leak Detection

  • Inspection of MAP packaging
  • Modern infrared technology
  • Contactless detection
  • Special machines for bottles

Label Inspection

  • Advanced camera technology
  • Extensive inspection possible
  • Suitable for all labels
  • Fully configurable

Code Inspection

  • 100% verification code quality
  • Smart sensors and vision
  • Inspection and validation
  • Check all sorts of coding

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