Minimize production errors with full control and inspection

Production lines are running at full speed and products are racing across the conveyor belt at an unbelievable speed. This process must not be disrupted by production errors. Mundi Technology is the market leader in the BeNeLux for technical solutions in laser coding and control & inspection systems. With the most modern lasers, a best before date and batch code are marked for each product. In addition, it is possible to analyze products very accurately with checkweighers, metal detectors and x-rays. This is now even being expanded with the entire FT System product range to check and inspect products even more specifically.

Guaranteed production quality and food safety

We are constantly looking for ways to support our customers even better. That is how we ended up at FT System because they have developed unique solutions for control and inspection. Products and packaging can be checked and inspected down to the millimeter. The machines are equipped with high resolution vision and other modern techniques. For example, laser spectrophotometry technology to detect contactless leakage of gaseous substances in MAP packaging.

Comprehensive control & inspection

Extensive inspection is possible for each product in terms of shape, closure, weight, filling level, label, code or differential pressure. With the aim of minimizing production errors and improving product quality. Thanks to this addition, all our customers benefit from even better control and inspection of their products. These systems can be used for all industries. Whether it concerns beverages, food, industry, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, we always have the best solution. Is there an error during the production process? Then the product is ejected, while the production is ongoing.

How can we improve your production line?

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