New service engineer control and inspection systems… meet Sander

Sander Eggenhuizen was recently added to the service team of Mundi Technology. With many years of experience in control and inspection systems, he is eager to put his knowledge into practice. We would like to introduce him!

Specialist in control and inspection
‘I started working at Mundi Technology as a service engineer on 1 July. I will mainly focus on installing and maintaining all control and inspection systems. It helps that I previously worked for a German manufacturer of similar machines. That makes the switch relatively easy and I can actually get started right away.’

Every day is different

The best thing about my job is the diversity. Control and inspection systems are really everywhere. Everyone always immediately thinks of food, but I also visit manufacturers of medicines or shampoo. It is precisely this variety that is nice and each installation has its own challenges. To come up with a solution for that every time is a wonderful thing to do.

Product safety and quality comes first
It is clearly noticeable that control and inspection is becoming increasingly important. Products coming off a conveyor belt must always be safe and of the best quality. We receive requests from all over The Netherlands. I have already taken on projects for Mundi from Groningen to Zeeland, but that is no problem at all from Mijdrecht. Our control and inspection systems are often part of a complete production line. These installations are challenging because the software must work with each other. That’s exactly what I like to do. Think in advance and start writing protocols and programming the software.

Audit by qualified lead assessor
With control and inspection systems, everything can be precisely measured and analysed. At the slightest deviation, the product is ejected and that must be adjusted very precisely. As qualified lead assessor I can inspect the machines myself. That is why I can install checkweighers at the customer or replace the weighing cell and immediately take care of the official inspection. This saves time so that production can be restarted faster.

Knowledge sharing control and inspection
The demand for control and inspection systems is growing fast at Mundi. That’s why I’m now training other guys from the service team. That’s the interesting thing about working in technology. As a service engineer you never stop learning and there are always new developments.

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