MundiScan CO₂ laser

As a laser specialist, we had one dream … to develop the most powerful laser ever. We succeeded with the MundiScan CO₂ laser! Available with an unimaginable power of 60, 80, 100 or even 120 Watt. This makes it suitable for every challenging laser application in the beverage industry and the food sector.

The design of the laser is unique and features a flexible arm for marking in all directions. Furthermore, the MundiScan is designed in IP66 and suitable for wet and very dusty production environments. Do you use metallized labels? Then the MundiScan is your laser, because we mark those labels without any problems. This is the reason why many international breweries specifically opt for the MundiScan laser.


Benefits MundiScan laser

  • Most powerful laser up to 120W
  • Laser 70,000 bottles per hour
  • Water and dust are no problem

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