An efficient production line is almost impossible without an high-precision checkweigher. With our Wipotec-OCS checkweighers you can weigh individual products to avoid give-away. If a product does not have the correct weight, it is rejected to prevent under- or overfilling.

You can also connect our checkweighers to your filling installation to directly adjust the filling quantity. The machines are made of stainless steel and, depending on requirements, are equipped with protection classes up to IP69K.

With our range of Wipotec-OCS checkweighers, there is always a very accurate and fast solution available to you. Whether it concerns a single-track or multi-track application; we have the right checkweigher for your needs!

Are you looking for a checkweigher? Mundi Technology is happy to supply you with Wipotec-OCS checkweighers in The Netherlands.


Producten voor Checkweighing

EC Series checkweighers

  • Throughput rate of up to 150 ppm
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Precise weighing results

HC Series checkweighers

  • Utmost accuracy at top speeds
  • Reliable and robust checkweighers
  • Higher productivity and results

Video Wipotec-OCS checkweighing

Dynamic checkweighers, made of solid stainless steel, provides highest standards in precision. Lateral side grips and weighing conveyors with knife edges ensure safe product acceptance and high precision weighing results. Machine components, e.g. the weigh cells, motors, and conveyors are also made in stainless steel.

Wash-Down Hygienic Design

Hygienic design means designing systems like Checkweighers, X-ray inspection equipment or Metal Detectors which are used in hygiene-relevant areas such as those in the food industry, so that cleaning is effortless. The aim is to prevent design flaws that could promote hygiene-related hazards. The ability to clean materials, surfaces and structural elements without obstructions is of paramount importance. Contaminants of any kind must not be allowed to settle or remain permanently; on the contrary, they must be easy to remove and the overall design must facilitate cleaning of the product-carrying areas without leaving residues.

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