Laser Coding

Laser marking machines and coding systems are ideal for high print volumes – such as food, drink and pharmaceutical products – while providing permanent traceability. Choosing the correct laser marking solution for your product is critical, as well as selecting the right type of laser, either fibre or CO₂.

Whether you’re coding best before or manufacturing dates, traceability codes, or anti-counterfeit/brand protection marks onto bottle caps, cartons, cans or plastics – we can meet your specific needs.

Are you looking for a laser? Mundi Technology is happy to supply you with Linx lasers in the BeNeLux and MundiScan lasers worldwide.


Producten voor Laser Coding

Linx CSL10 CO₂ laser

  • Fastest 10W CO₂ laser on the market
  • User friendly touchscreen
  • Flexible integration

Linx CSL30 CO₂ laser

  • Large marking area
  • Efficient and sustainable coding
  • Sharp laser coding on everything

Linx CSL60 CO₂ laser

  • IP65 classification possible
  • 60W laser power
  • Extra powerful processor

MundiScan CO₂ laser

  • Most powerful laser up to 120W
  • Laser 70,000 bottles per hour
  • Water and dust are no problem

Linx FSL20 Fiberlaser

  • High resolution laser coding
  • Durable power source
  • Moving and static marking

Linx FSL50 Fiberlaser

  • Super sharp laser marking
  • Laser plastics and metals
  • Very flexible coding solution

Key benefits of Laser Coders

Laser coders offer any-orientation coding alongside full touch-screen control, low maintenance costs and zero consumables – providing an affordable and effective solution compared to other products on the market.

1. Flawless and reliable coding
2. Accurate and high writing quality
3. No consumables needed
4. Highest production uptime
5. Clean and durable printing

Laser coding on which materials?

Good news! Almost all materials can be marked with a laser.








Gable Top

Coated Metal


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