Metal Detection

CEIA Metal Detectors detect metal contaminants accidentally present in industrial products with levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds exceeding the strictest Quality Control Standards.

CEIA THS 21 Metal Detection Systems offer detection, construction quality and reliability characteristics that make them the most suitable and effective solution for automatic elimination of metal contaminants.

Fully HACCP and GMP compliant, CEIA Metal Detectors are ISO 9001 certified and constructed of EC and FDA approved materials.

Are you looking for a metal detector? Mundi Technology is happy to supply you with CEIA metal detectors in The Netherlands.


Producten voor Metal Detection

THS 21 Metal Detection

  • Highest level of metal detection
  • Reduces product waste
  • Continuous auto-test function

THS 21 Conveyor Belt Metal Detection

  • High accuracy metal detection
  • AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Several configurations available

PL 21 Metal Detection

  • Pipeline Metal Detection
  • Fast detection and rejection speed
  • Easy to clean and inspect

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