X-ray Inspection

For the best product safety, it is also necessary to detect glass, stones and plastic. That is possible with the X-ray systems from Wipotec-OCS.

Production lines can produce faster and faster and machines are more intelligent. That is why the X-ray inspection machines from Wipotec-OCS meet the highest requirements in terms of materials, integration options and hygiene.

The X-ray systems from Wipotec-OCS have an optimal X-ray source in combination with the best sensor and extremely powerful image processors. This makes the sensitivity so high that even very small foreign objects are detected in the product.

Are you looking for an X-ray inspection system? Mundi Technology is happy to supply you with Wipotec-OCS X-ray inspection equipment in The Netherlands.


Producten voor X-ray Inspection

SC-E X-ray Inspection

  • Professional detection
  • Reliable all-rounder
  • Compact design for easy integration

SC-B X-ray Inspection

  • X-ray inspection of bulk materials
  • Safety check for raw goods
  • Integrated conveying technology

SC-S X-ray Inspection

  • Inspection of standing products
  • Flexible component design
  • Compact and reliable

SC-W X-ray Inspection and Checkweigher

  • Combined X-ray and checkweigher
  • Compact space saving unit
  • Easy to operate

Video Wipotec OCS X-ray Inspection

The quality of industrially manufactured products must enjoy the highest priority in all production processes. The delivery of defective products could lead to devastating consequences. Recalls or claims are extremely expensive and damage your brand. To avoid such repercussions Wipotec-OCS has developed a comprehensive X-ray portfolio providing supreme product safety.

Wash-Down Hygienic Design

Hygienic design means designing systems like Checkweighers, X-ray inspection equipment or Metal Detectors which are used in hygiene-relevant areas such as those in the food industry, so that cleaning is effortless. The aim is to prevent design flaws that could promote hygiene-related hazards. The ability to clean materials, surfaces and structural elements without obstructions is of paramount importance. Contaminants of any kind must not be allowed to settle or remain permanently; on the contrary, they must be easy to remove and the overall design must facilitate cleaning of the product-carrying areas without leaving residues.

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