Checkweigher HR600

In pharmaceuticals, precise measurement is essential for quality and safety. Checkweighers play a vital role by accurately assessing lightweight pharmaceuticals, including elements like inserts and dispensers. Our high-performance checkweighers ensure accurate weight control for packaged products down to milligram-level accuracy. They integrate seamlessly into production lines, ensuring accurate dosing and patient safety. Our error detection systems operate autonomously, enhancing accuracy.


  • Perfect coupling with infeed cartoning machine via Top-Bottom gripping system and stabilization conveyor
  • Open flap control implementable, with a dedicated rejection system
  • Weighing unit with little flat belt conveyors for background noise reduction
  • High-speed and high-resolution load cell
  • Fail-safe design: the product is kept inside the equipment,
    even in the event of missed reject


  • Tangential belts with top-down rejection
  • Micrometric handwheels for fixed alignments regulation
  • Suitable for a wide range of formats
  • Modular, accessible, stable and compact framework


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  1. Voorkomt kostbare boetes en beschermt merkbescherming door 100% van de productie te inspecteren
  2. Verbeterd het verpakkingsproces en verhoogt de Algemene Apparatuur Efficiëntie (OEE)
  3. Beheert gemakkelijk interconnectie en externe ondersteuning, in overeenstemming met Industry 4.0