Label inspection with Smart Vision technology

Mislabelling is an increasing risk for product recalls. With label inspection machines professionals choose for thorough automatic quality control. The FT System vision camera scans different data on labels at once. For example, the advanced camera technology checks all labels for presence, completeness, position and color. So you can trust on this equipment to remove products with incorrect information or missing labels. All types and variations of labels can be inspected. Even partially or completely transparent labels are checked flawlessly.

Advanced control of all types of labels

During a production run, operators have to monitor many processes. Then a mistake is quickly made with enormous consequences. While that risk can easily be minimized with automatic label inspection. Is the best-before date missing, is the label slanted, does the label not match the product or is the label missing? Then the product is rejected, while production continues as usual. All types of labels are easy to program with the FT System label inspection machines. The smart vision then detects all deviations and complete quality control of products and packaging is available.

Visual inspection of the complete package

There is even more that can be done than just eliminating labeling errors. Even visual inspection of the complete product packaging is possible. At FT System, several technologies can be combined in one system, such as: shape control, leak detection, seal inspection and label inspection. Of course everything can be seamlessly integrated with the industry 4.0 standard. The quality of each end product can be guaranteed with FT System inspection equipment.

Benefits of label inspection

1. No more unnecessary product recalls
2. Always the best quality products for your customers
3. Accurate Smart Vision Technology
4. Fully automatic control of all labels
5. Combination with leak detection and seal inspection possible

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