What are the advantages of laser marking?

Laser marking applies a permanent code on a wide range of materials at high line speeds. As there is no ink involved in the process and therefore no drying time, the process is speeded up. Laser systems are particularly attractive due to their low downtime, high-speed capability and the fact there are no consumables; which together make the long-term cost of ownership lower than some other technologies.

8 benefits of laser marking

1. Indelible codes: Codes are etched into the surface which prevents unauthorised removal and aids anti-counterfeiting

2. High quality codes: Scribing laser systems deliver quality codes which can match product branding, for discreet coding

3. Clean codes: No additional materials required, just extraction of by-products generated during the laser marking process

4. Low maintenance: Only a visual inspection every month; long service intervals compared to other coding technologies

5. High reliability: With minimal consumables and efficient use of laser power, laser marking systems are among the most reliable coding and marking devices on the market

6. Non-contact: Enables high-speed printing as there is no physical contact with the surface to be printed

7. Programmability: Enables variable information to be printed

8. Complex codes: Barcodes and 2D codes containing a large amount of information can be generated

What are the possibilities with Linx CSL lasers?

Whether you’re coding best before or manufacturing dates, traceability codes, or anti-counterfeit/brand protection marks onto bottle caps, cartons, cans or plastics – we can meet your specific needs.

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