AVC the latest evolution in dynamic weighing technology

AVC relies on an active vibration compensation system designed exclusively by WIPOTEC-OCS and perfected specifically for catchweighers. This module contains two separate Weigh Cells which work together to isolate various interference signals. The end result does not include any vibrations caused by the platforms or sorters. All that remains is the actual weight of the parcels.

Active Vibration Compensation

With an AVC module, your systems will therefore operate within the specified calibration values at all times without compromising the transport speed. These results are made possible using electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR) which is only available in the weighing systems of WIPOTEC-OCS. Thanks to EMFR each of our catchweighers works wear-free, needs no maintenance and has an interface for AVC.

Video Active Vibration Compensation

Active Vibration Compensation (AVC) solves vibration issues. The unique vibration compensation solution from WIPOTEC-OCS uses intelligent algorithms to ensure the most precise weighing results, achieving the required weighing accuracy even in environments where vibrations prevail. AVC filters out ambient disturbances from measuring results without any loss in speed.

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